Blending Port

Collaboration is an important part of winemaking.  Sometimes you want to bounce ideas off another winemaker or maybe you want to see if they are tasting the same thing you are or sometimes it’s just fun to work with another person.

My winemaker friend Danny was in town and I asked him to help me with a new port blend I’m working on for Agua Dulce.  He was happy to assist.

Here’s Danny setting up a blending trial, where we put together different wines with similar (or different) attributes to taste if they’ll work together in a final blend.

(Don’t worry, that’s not vodka in the vodka bottle.  I was just using it to hold a barrel sample of 2013 Syrah).

Labeling the “60/40” Blend

We recently bottled Agua Dulce’s latest red blend called “60/40”.  It is a delicious marriage of 60% Zinfandel and 40% Syrah.  We will be releasing it to the tasting room soon.

However, before letting you guys get your hands on it, we had to put labels on (it’s the law).

Here’s a little video showing how this is done:


Testing The Wine

Today we are checking free sulfur dioxide levels in all the barreled wines.  Sulfur dioxide is used to keep wines from oxidizing and to inhibit the growth of “bad” microbes.  After running the analysis, we’ll know how much SO2 to add to each wine.  I do this analysis on all our wines every 2 months.


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Cheers  Nico