Post Harvest Exhale

I apologize for my cyber absence, but we’ve been feet to the fire with harvesting grapes. We started picking July 30 and finished Oct. 2. We just pressed our last red fermentation TODAY! Big exhale…

For those of you who don’t know what all happens during Harvest (also referred to as “Crush”), it’s the winemaker’s and crew’s “Go-Time.”  We’re at the mercy of nature’s clock. So when fruit is ready, we work all hours until it’s picked, weighed in, pressed (if white or rosé), crushed and de-stemmed (if red), yeast added, and then monitor the fermentations until they are all finished.

After all that, the reds are pressed off their skins and put to rest in barrel.  The whites and rosés are prepped for bottling.

Here are some pics of the action:

  Grapes are in…Go Time!.

Destemming and Crushing (it!)
Armando manning the pump
Danny doing Punch Downs
Taking samples to run Brix






Hydrometer measures brix (sugar level) of ferment
Ready to press the red must
Pressing wine