Ask a Somm: Does Wine Belong in the Refrigerator?

Q: Should I refrigerate my wine after I’ve opened it?

This question yields a two part question: Was the wine refrigerated before you opened it? Do you want the wine to be chilled when you next drink it? If the answer to either is yes, then go for the refrigerator! And this takes me to, I think, a more important question: What wines should be refrigerated (chilled) for drinking? White, rosé, and sparkling always get the cool treatment, but many red and orange wines should be getting their chill on prior to serving, as well. We’ll get to this in a bit. Continue reading the full article here. 

Red Wine Boldness Chart

This chart interprets the range of styles available in dry red wine. Although it’s possible to find a wine that doesn’t line up exactly as depicted, the chart can help explain that certain wines will always be lighter-bodied than others. What is your favorite red wine?

14206209_10154664832219448_6980957808343388068_oImage by Wine Folly14124557_10154664836879448_5984730776203661242_o

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